Just show up, NOVA EMS will cover the rest!


In any group class or private training session you are given our EMS NOVA Power Suit. This compression style “Power Suit” is equipped with 20 pre-placed electrodes that are taking a full body inventory- measuring muscle density, hydration, and kinesthetic motion in real time. This data is then available to your trainer who uses it to determine and control the level of stimulation specifically FOR YOU! Completely individualized, the stimulation is creating involuntary contractions deep within your muscles. These electrodes are not there just to assess your workout, but to ENHANCE your workout. This is the FUTURE OF FITNESS!


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a method of technology that is used to generate muscle contractions by use of electrical impulses. This technique is most commonly used in physical therapy treatments for rehabilitation and post-recovery purposes. Studies have shown that EMS can also be utilized for strength training purposes as well. With its ability to activate 90% of a muscle versus the normal 50% when exercising, it allows for a deeper, more intense muscle contraction without the extra stress or strain on your body. This increased muscle activity along with your workout allows for maximum results in only 30 minutes. Come get 3X your workout using the Nova EMS suit today!


When you arrive at NOVA you will sign-in at our front desk. A concierge will then fit you for your Power Suit for your session. You will wear this for your entire workout so do not worry about bringing your gym gear with you, we have everything you need for a session. Just grab your sneakers and show up, EMS will do the rest.


Jackie Wilson, the Founder and CEO of Nova Fitness Innovation has been involved in sports and fitness throughout his life, whether as a competing athlete or training others.
A graduate of both Duke University and Notre Dame Law School, when he wasn’t studying, Jackie was helping students enhance their bodies. After a successful law career in general litigation, he became the General Counsel and NFL/NBA player agent with All Pro Sports and Entertainment. As an agent, Jackie was given the opportunity to not only represent celebrity players but train them as well. This opportunity reignited his love for fitness, training, and encouraging others to do and be better. Jackie followed this passion and founded his first business, JackFit in 2012, a virtual training service which provides custom workouts based on the clients’ needs, wants, fitness level, and training environment.
Founding NOVA FITNESS INNOVATION in 2018 embodies everything Jackie believes in: providing the ultimate, no excuse workout for all levels, whether you’re a beginner, advanced fitness lover, or a retired player. Jackie is proud that Nova provides a new workout program that “will give you your time back. All you have to do is: Just Show Up!”


“Incredible experience! Truly an innovative workout that left me feeling strong and energized. Plus, the electric stim was such a treat – I have never experienced that outside of physical therapy and can already feel the benefits of my muscles working overtime in that short 30 minute circuit. Will 100% be back”

Loren P

“The trainers are top notch. This is a workout which not only gets you in great shape, but also educates you about your body. The most advanced technology in the fitness field today!”

Michelle K

In addition to these micro-contractions, NOVA’s professional trainers control the suit’s EMS output and develop custom workouts, allowing them to tailor each routine to meet goals, develop regiment, and adjust intensity for any physical limitations – such as an injury – in real-time.


Sweat streamed down my face as I dropped to the floor.. The high-octane routine wasn’t what pushed me to the brink of my conditioning, though — I was at Nova Fitness Studios, a new gym in Manhattan

Brett Williams

With 30-minute workout sessions, NOVA makes fitness accessible, which is ideal for busy New Yorkers. NOVA’s EMS experience and one-on-one attention is truly unique and addicting


No commitment. No pressure
Just an opportunity to improve your life.
Try a 30 minute workout TODAY!”