Will this hurt?

NO! EMS is not a painful sensation, what you can expect is nothing more than your phone vibrating in your pocket. Everything is customizable FOR YOU! If you feel your levels are too high your instructor has the ability to recalibrate for your body type.

What do I wear/What should I bring with me?
We will provide you with our NOVA Power Suit, a compression suit consisting of 20 pre-placed electrodes. We recommend minimal garments underneath. For the stimulation to work properly you want as much skin-to-suit as possible. If the style of the suit makes you feel uncomfortable, no worries! Feel free to bring clothing that will gently fit over your suit (loose tee-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants etc.) NOVA is all about YOU so bring your sneakers and we’ve got the rest!
Is this for beginners or professionals?
BOTH! NOVA is for ANYBODY looking to work towards their fitness goals. This can be your very first workout or used to enhance your daily workout routine. If you have any prior injuries please make your trainer aware. Please see our waiver to learn more about certain health conditions and EMS. NOVA Waiver
Can I take a Nova class without the Power Suit?

Yes! Power Suits are optional for all Nova classes. Given that 48 hours is recommended between activated workouts, you can train with us minus the Power Suit (non-activated) on days your body needs a rest from EMS.

How often should I train with EMS?
2 to 3 times per week is the most beneficial.
How should I prepare?
Before your session it is very important to hydrate. Drink a bottle of water an hour before your session in order to feel maximum results. Being hydrated is essential for the stimulation to conduct properly. Bring your sneakers and socks, and please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session to allow you enough time to check in and suit up!
What can I expect after my session?

After your session you will return your Power Suit and are free to use our showers and amenities. You may experience some mild muscle fatigue and soreness the day after your session, but that just means the stimulation is working properly and you had a great workout! Keep hydrated and keep moving to help with this.

How are the suits cleaned?
Our state-of-the-art Power Suits are lined with an antibacterial silver flaking to help with sanitation. After each use, our suits are washed and sanitized with a special detergent to insure proper hygiene. We also offer the option to buy your own suit that will be washed and stored at NOVA just for your sessions!